Minuto Legal 2952

Also available in: Spanish

Arriving And Leaving from a Country (Traveling)


Translated Video Transcript

Welcome to “Minuto Legal” (Legal Minute). Did you know that when an entry to a country is granted, it is based on a privilege and not on a right?

The border agents, immigration and customs, have the almost total discretionary authority to check and interrogate as they please. When visiting or leaving any country, to avoid problems, follow this advices:

First always carry a valid passport and visa; second, purchase a round trip ticket and, third, carry evidence that you have a place to stay whether it at private or commercial location. Declare everything that you are asked to declare, or you will risk having it confiscated. Generally observe all the regulations and respect them. Try to understand the purposes and do not lose your patience.

If you have any problems, please call us and we will do the rest.